Distance is Key! 

Avoid having devices next to or on your body. Keep devices out of your hands, lap, bra, pockets, ect. when not in use. Take extra precaution around reproductive areas and during times of pregnancy or illness. Remember, the closer you are to the source of EMFs, the more intense the radiation.

Less is More!

Less time spent on devices, more healthy cells :) Do what you can to reduce time spent on laptops, phones, tablets, ect. So often we lose track of time while on devices. When it comes to children and adults, opt for books and non-electronic games as often as possible. Children are the most suseptive to health risks during developmental stages. They are affected up to 10x more than adults during these stages. 

Choose Wisely!

Technological wearables such as apple watches or fitness bracelets seem to be great for healthy living. However, these bluetooth/WiFi based products put off EMF's and are directly in contact with your body for long periods of time. Chose wired headphones over wireless as wired headphones do not use bluetooth. Use your cell phone when reception has many bars, when signal is weak the device emits more radiation to search for connection. Turn device off when possible or turn on Airplane mode to eliminate or reduce radiation. Keep WiFi routers away from bedrooms and if possible, turn them off when not in use. Night time is a perfect time to unplug WiFi routers and unplug any electronics. 


  • Keep baby monitors away - these should be at least 1 meter away from crib
  • Avoid using smart devices on/around the baby if possible -- early childhood is a vulnerable period with rapid cell development when EMF can cause disturbance. 
  • Keep wi-fi routers situated away from bedrooms. Turn them off at night if not needed or just use a timer to turn off automatically every night.
  • Kids should use devices safely - Put devices on Airplane Mode if wireless is not needed. Teach them to place the device on a surface, and not on their laps directly on their bodies. (This way, their necks/backs won’t strain either.) Avoid wireless activated toys and smart toys (for privacy reasons too). 


  • Smart meters - These replacements of the analog/digital meter are constantly emitting and receiving information. Ensure the bedrooms and rooms commonly used are not near the smart meter. Switch back to analog/digital by contacting your local utilities company.
  • Wi-fi router - Put on timer to turn off at night when not in use. 
  • Get a landline - This can also be an emergency line for your family members but remember, if you use one, choose a corded instead of cordless phone, which emits cell phone-like radiation.
  • Smart technologies - These make our lives easier but the downside is inundating your house with more EMF exposure when you have many wireless devices operating 24/7 all around where you sleep and play.
    • Security systems - opt for non-wireless if possible
    • Smart watch - Weigh the risks of having a device attached to you at all times
    • Wearable fitness devices - Consider whether these are essential for you
    • Smart TV - use the ethernet cord from the modem, or disconnect fully from wi-fi or fully turn off when not in use. (Also good for privacy reasons.)


  • Keep router distant - Keep wi-fi routers further away from where you sit for long periods of time.
  1. Laptops don't belong on laps - Place laptops on a surface instead of on your lap, when you work for long periods. Consider using an EMF Protection Blanket which provides a convenient, protective barrier between you and your laptop. 
    1. Keep cell phones away from your body - Keep phones out of pockets and bras. Use bags or cell phone straps, or place them on surfaces once you sit down.
      1. Cell phone and vehicles - Avoid using cell phones in moving vehicles -- reflection, and phone continuously disconnects and connects to different cell phone towers as your vehicle moves. This also teaches children safe cell phone habits while in a car (e.g., no texting and driving).