What are EMF's?

What are EMF's?

An electromagnetic field (EMF) is an area of moving electrical charges which at high levels can be harmful to your health. Exposure to EMF's, commonly referred to as radiation, occur on a daily basis and virtually everywhere. They are emitted by technology found in our homes, cars, schools, stores, hospitals and more... From cell towers to bluetooth devices to baby monitors, they often times go unnoticed. World-renowned Dr. Mercola, as seen numerous times on Dr. Oz, has referred to EMF's as the 21st Century Tobacco, a silent killer. Hundreds of studies link cancerous, neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric health issues to EMF exposure. These studies are hidden by the trillion dollar corporations pushing more and more technology on humans at younger and younger ages. While entertaining a child with a tablet might seem like an easy solution at the time, it could lead to developmental issues and detrimental health conditions. 

 Can you give me some science behind EMF's?

High amounts of radiation have higher frequencies and shorter wavelengths. The energy produced can remove electrons from atoms such as those in living tissue, breaking the chemical bonds. These unstable atoms or free radicals cause oxidative damage to the DNA, especially mitochondria which are crucial for energy. Many professionals believe increased technology is increasing rates of unexplained disease. What does this mean for babies and children? Early onset of depression, anxiety, disease, tumors, and even cancer. 

Why is this not common knowledge?

This "silent killer" causes damages over time, often making it hard to pinpoint the initial cause of said illnesses. As technology advances, so do the studies on its effects. To view some of these studies, you can check them out here: LINK.