Why are EMFs More Dangerous to Children than Adults?

Does the risk of radiation depend on age? Let's clear up the confusion... 

What are EMFs?

Electromagnetic fields are a combination of electric and magnetic fields of force. They are an invisible form of energy. Which are capable of producing highly hazardous effects on the physical and chemical balances of the body. Smart meters, Wi-Fi routers, electric lines, breaker boxes, power lines and mobile, baby monitors, smartwatches, and computers are the common examples of equipment that generates electromagnetic fields.

Man-made electromagnetic fields have different ranges of Frequency.

  1. High radio frequencies (mobile phones)
  2. Intermediate frequencies (computer screens)
  3. Extremely low frequencies (power lines) 

How are EMFs dangerous for children?

EMF frequency, even at a low rate, is dangerous for our children. They aboard EMFs at a higher degree which can affect them far more quickly than adults. The tissues of a child’s brain are soft and are developing at a rapid rate. So, there lies a higher chance of minor mutations for children. This can lead to disorders in a child’s future. Illnesses such as learning difficulties are one significant effects scientist are seeing. 

Other effects are headaches, sleeping disorders, dizziness, tiredness and lack of concentration. The primary issue with this is that our children cannot communicate these symptoms to us, nor can we see EMFs, which means it’s not a clear source of infection.


Impacts of EMFs on children!  

Yes, despite all the positives that Technology brings to the world, there is also a certain sense of danger associated with it. No one is safe from its side effects. But children are at a greater risk than adults to develop lethal diseases after being exposed to radiation. The worldwide increase rates of leukemia and thyroid cancers are mainly associated with childhood exposure to radiation and fields (WHO). 

How to protect children from EMFs?

Many ask, is it is physically possible to protect our children from EMFs? The answer is a big YES! 

Of course, it’s tough but not impossible to neutralize the impact of EMFs on our children. There are a lot of ways to minimize the implications, like restricting the usage of devices. Minimizing physical exposer is a necessary step to protecting our little ones. So keeping devices at a distance switching them off immediately after you are done are encouraging steps. The next step is introducing guards like EMF protection blankets!

Turn off the WiFi in the house when not in use. Ensure children do not sleep near WiFi routers, Baby moniters or electronics in use. We also suggest covering these items with the protective baby blanket to drastically reduce radiation emmissions when turning them off is not an option. When children are using tablets, phones, laptops, ect., ensure the blanket is being used as a barrier between the device and their body. When using cellphones, opt for speaker rather than direct contact to the head/brain. 

Nowadays there are many options for proactive blankets, these blankets can be comfortable, cute and effective all at the same time! Thanks to the development of these EMFs protection blankets we can be comfortable knowing that we are shielding our children from invisible EMFS. We are capable to protect our children with full confidence. So, why not take advantage of what these Protecting Blankets have to offer?

Let’s save our children by shielding them with EMF Protection Blankets.