Mobile Phones Caused Brain Tumour: Italian Court Rules

The Following Article is written by Bev, and published by The Science Times. 

A long-term Telecom Italia worker has been granted monthly social security award after a court found that his brain tumor was because of improper use of company issued mobile phone. Attorney Stefano Bertone said Thursday that it was the first trial court decision of which he knew on the planet "to perceive a connection between mobile phone use and the development of brain tumor."

Bertone said one variable that seemed to have added to the decision was the refusal by the court's expert to acknowledge into evidence studies that were funded by the telecom business. The lawful thinking behind the decision, which was issued by a court in the northern city of Ivrea a month ago however just made open on Thursday, is anticipated to be released in the coming weeks.

 The worker, Roberto Romeo, used the company  mobile phone for three hours a day for a long time without protection, bringing about the non-cancerous tumor and the consequent loss of hearing in one ear, cited."The standards say severe use is one hour a day," Romeo told Sky TG24. "I went well past the limit." Romeo sued the social security agency, not Telecom Italia, where he still works.

He said he is not against mobile phone use, but rather that shoppers ought to use safety measures. His legal counselor said those could include lessening mobile phone usage and using particular anti- radiation ear buds.

 Under the decision, Romeo will get in the vicinity of 6,000 and 7,000 euros ($6,000-$7,500) a year, Bertone said, as per New York Daily News.The Codacons consumer insurance agency says it is thinking about a class-action in view of the Romeo choice to have mobile phones carrying health warnings in Italy, and furthermore to have the health dangers related to mobile phone use recognized generally by Italy's social security agency.

Bertone said that last 2012 similar incident happened to a sales manager who was on a mobile phone five or six hours a day helped paved a way for the decision in his customer's case. In the previous case, the trial court denied the case, however, Italy's highest court acknowledged a connection between too much mobile phone use and the manager's tumor.

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