Health Risks of EMFs in School

EMFs and Our Children...

From our previous post, we spoke about how children are at higher risk of the dangers of EMF than adults. This risk is because a child's brain develops rapidly from birth up until their mid-20s. During this development, the Electromagnetic fields can cause damage to the child's brain. You should also know that schools are exposing our children more to EMFs.  

What Makes Schools a Hotbeds for EMF Exposure? 

As technology keeps improving, its use is also at a fast pace in schools. Every child now needs an iPad, a cell phone, and probably a laptop to learn in schools. The teachers also have a set of mobile devices that contribute to the radiation of EMF during school time. Cell towers have also found a place close to schools. Most schools have replaced wired connections with wi-fi networks that radiate EMFs three times more than a cell phone tower. Therefore, we see excessive use of technology within and close to schools.

As well as EMF radiation beaming through our exposers home. So how do we protect our children? Do we wait for schools to catch up and implement tools to minimize the exposer? Or do we take action ourselves? We take action ourselves! We in fact can minimize EMF exposure at home to balance out our children's exposure at school. 


How to Minimize EMF Exposure at Home.

Keep Your Distance.

One good way to reduce EMF radiation is to keep the devices away as much as you can. Whenever a phone is not in use, keep it away from you and your child. Avoid placing your laptop on your lap. Instead, set it on a table when you need to use it. You can put your phones away from the bed when you are about to sleep. Keep the Wi-fi Routers far from where you are and turn them off after use. Also, avoid keeping your phones in your pockets. Instead of slipping the phone into your back pocket, slip it into a bag.

Reduce Time.

Consider setting a time limit that you and your children spend on devices. If your child needs to do homework on a tablet, make sure he does it on time and not get distracted playing games! Overall we should limit game time on laptops and tablets and spend more time doing hand on and outdoor activities.

Improve Lifestyle Habits.

While keeping distance and reducing your time of exposure are fantastic habits to make into routines. Switching off your devices and electronics like the baby monitor and Bluetooth speakers when not in use is another great step. If you need to use an earphone at home, go for the wired types. As your child grows, you will notice the healthy technology-safe habits they got off you….something to be proud of!

Use EMF Protection Blankets!

Your efforts to keep a healthy lifestyle will be incomplete without our EMF Protection Blankets in your home. Our blankets offer an immense amount of protection for children against invisible EMF radiation. 

Our EMF Protection Blankets are not only for children they are also made for pregnant woman to protect their growing baby and themselves. They come in adorable, breathable, comfortable while also giving children and women the protection they need from harmful EMF radiation.

Now we know that our children are being heavily exposed to radiation at school we must take action to minimize it in the house! Give your child all-around protection by guarding them with EMF Protection Blankets.

Don’t just be safe by cozy!