Are EMFs Causing a Rise In Anxiety & Depressive Disorders In Kids?

EMFs are dangerous to our health. Our previous blogs have spoken about how EMFs can cause cancer. Now we’re talking about the studies which show the relationship between EMFs and mental health. Here are some of the relationships between EMF and depressive disorders.           

There are two types of EMFs:

  1. Extremely Low Frequency (ELFs). Just like its name, it radiates a lower frequency, between 3-3000Hz. These frequencies come from transmission towers, high voltage power lines, electrical appliances like hairdryers, and microwaves.
  2. Radiofrequencies (RFs). RFs emit radiation frequencies between 30kHz-300GHz. Mobile phones, smart devices, and WiFi emit Radio frequencies.

Both types of EMF emit radiation that causes damage to tissues in the body.  

Kids are more vulnerable to the effects of EMF than adults.       

A report by the UK Independent Expert Group stated that children are exposed to electromagnetic waves over a longer lifetime then adults, and their nervous systems are in the process of development. A child's head absorbs a lot of RF energy because the conductivity of the child is higher due to higher moisture and ionic content than adults and more than adults.

Sometimes, children go through stress and anxiety naturally. This stress may be due to the phobia of being away from parents for a while. Asides from natural stress, studies have shown that EMFs can cause stress and anxiety which tends to be ignored.                

How does EMF cause Stress?   

In the body, oxygen helps to convert food to energy. During this process, oxygen forms free radicals called Reactive Oxidative Stress ROS. If there is a high level of EMF exposure, there will be an increase in ROS production. And when ROS is more in the body, it causes some changes in enzyme activity. It causes neuronal changes that are responsible for depressive disorders in children. These changes, in turn, lead to sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, headache, and other health conditions.                   

Studies have also shown that ELF-EMFs can reduce the quality of sleep. The explanation is that melatonin is responsible for good quality sleep. Melatonin is abundant at night, that is, in the dark. It is not produced in daylight, and it sees EMFs as light. So, high exposure to ELF-EMF will reduce melatonin levels, leading to poor sleep.

EMF and Stunting Brain Development.

EMFs also cause stunting brain development in children. EMFs are capable of altering the blood-brain barrier. This alteration causes DNA damage. Note that the brain of a child is still developing. Hence, exposure to EMF can lead to growth retardation.               

With these effects of EMFs, we can conclude that EMFs are responsible for anxiety and depressive disorders in children. Therefore, you must care for the health of your child.                           

●  Stay away from high voltage power lines as much as possible
●  Take more antioxidants. Include lots of fruit and vegetables in your diet
●  Reduce the usage of WiFi, mobile devices, and Bluetooth devices
●  Protect yourself with our EMF Protection Blanket
You can protect your kids when they are using any EMF exposers like their tablets and when they are about to sleep. And as a pregnant mother, you can protect your child by covering yourself with our protective blankets!