5 Facts Every Parent Should know about EMFs

Technology is everywhere! This means the use of electronic devices is increasing rapidly and so are EMFs. Do you find yourself wondering, what are the important facts you need to know about EMFs? 

We’ve got the top 5 here for you... so relax and read along.

What are EMFs?

EMF is Electromagnetic Field in simple terms. It is the electric and the magnetic field in synergy. Both fields work together to emit radiation.

Some of the electronic devices that generate EMF are Wi-Fi routers, electric lines, mobile devices, computers, and Smartwatches.

Radiation from EMF can be ionizing or non-ionizing.

'Ionizing radiation can be harmful because it can break chemical bonds and change the molecular and chemical structures of various human tissues like the DNA.' (Source)

Before now, we would say that non-ionizing radiation does not cause harm to the body. (source) However, researchers have shown that they can also break bonds in the DNA.

“You mean even the radiation from the radio is harmful?”
“At a high level of exposure, yes.”

Should we be concerned that our DNA reacts to EMFs?

Naturally, old cells in our body will die, and new cells are produced. During the process, a mistake (strand break) can occur. Our body automatically repairs this mistake. With EMF exposure, the rate of strand breaks increases. And this may weaken the body. So yes, we need to protect our health and DNA.

#1: Do EMFs cause cancer?

Some studies have shown that EMFs increase the number of micronuclei or fragments of DNA that are foreign to the body. 'The presence of micronuclei indicates a type of DNA damage so strongly associated with cancer, that doctors test for them as a means of diagnosing cancer.' However, the mechanism is still unclear.

So although we cannot ascertain how, we know that EMF is capable of causing cancer. Keeping yourself and your child away from these electronic devices will protect you from this cancer risk.

#2: Children Are More Vulnerable

We are vulnerable, but our children are at a higher risk! Your skull thickness is approximately 2 mm. But your child is growing, so the skull is not as thick as yours, between 0.5 and 1mm (Source). Therefore, EMFs will penetrate a child more easily than an adult. When it penetrates, the child's cells are dividing rapidly, and so the side effects of EMF are more in children than in adults. Scary right?

#3: EMF Exposure Affects Sleep

Melatonin is a hormone that helps your body with sleep, aging, and other health issues. It functions when it is dark to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. But it sees EMF as light. Hence, EMF inhibits the production of Melatonin. And in turn, it affects getting a good night sleep!

#4: EMFs May Increase Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability

The Blood-Brain Barrier regulates the exchange of substances between the blood and the brain.

It prevents harmful substances from going into the brain. With EMF exposers, the Blood-Brain Barrier may become more permeable. Research has shown that it may be due to an increase in temperature caused by EMF.

#5: There ARE Things You Can Do To Protect Your Family

We have mentioned earlier that staying away from these EMF exposers will protect your family from the dangers of EMF. Let us also tell you that you can protect your children with the EMF protection blankets. Our EMF protection blankets provide huge protection against invisible EMFs. They are comfortable and breathable blankets that protect your children, and pregnant women, while they are susceptible to the harmful side, effects of EMF Radiation. 

Now that you have seen how harmful EMFs are, all you need to do is get one of our EMF protection blankets and protect your family from the rapidly increasing dangers of EMF Radiation.