4 Things you NEED to do to Reduce EMFs!

The use of electronic devices is increasing rapidly,  and so are EMFs. When we go out, EMFs from cell towers, cars, and laptops while at work is dangerous to our health. Then our kids attend schools that are EMF hotbeds. All of these EMF exposers pose a significant threat to our health. In 2011, the World Health Organization classified EMFs as possibly carcinogenic to humans (source). This is why we will show you things you can do to reduce EMF exposer and minimize the risk of horrifying side effects.

  1.   Unplug Wifi When Not In Use

We all need wifi at home, right? We now work and study from home, watch movies, work out, all from home using electronic devices. While we rely on wifi for this, we can still work on minimizing the exposer. Whenever your wifi is not in use, switch it off. You are most likely using a wifi router, so you just need to switch it off. An excellent way to remind yourself to do this is by setting an alarm.  Most routers have a button where you can press it to turn it off. Some routers make it possible for you to set a time to shut it off at your set time. And if you're not using a wifi router, you can disable the wifi from your devices. Another must-do is to set the router at least 20 feet away from your desk or child’s bedroom. This will reduce EMF exposer!

  1.   Use Protection When Using Devices Like Protective Blanket’s & Stickers 

Another fabulous way to reduce EMFs in the home is to make use of protective devices. One is our EMF Protective Blanket. When you or your kids use your electronic devices that create EMFs, you simply pop one of our protective blankets over their bodies which will guard the EMFs. When you use the blankets, you reduce your exposure to the dangers of EMF.

EMF protection stickers are also available for everyday use. These stickers are small, and you can use them on any device, from your phone to your microwave. The stickers are anti-radiation, so they neutralize the side effects of EMFs.

  1. Avoid  Bluetooth Devices & Turn Them Off When Not In Use.
    Everyday Bluetooth Devices Are Smartwatches, Headphones & Speakers 

According to medical news today, EMFs from Bluetooth increase 'the risk of cancer, neurological disorders, and DNA damage.' source

We understand that we enjoy utilizing these Bluetooth devices. However, the best thing to do is to try not to use them at home or for long periods. You can replace Bluetooth headphones with wired earphones. You can turn off your Bluetooth when you’re done listening to music or take the smartwatch off when you’re finished exercising. Safety is better than convenience! When you want to use a Bluetooth speaker, place it far away from you instead of directly in front of you. Always, remember to turn the Bluetooth devices off when you are no longer using them.

  1.  Airplane Mode Is Your Best Friend.

    Why airplane mode? When your phone is on airplane mode, all wireless connections on your phone are off, which means an immediate reduction to harmful EMF exposure.

    When can you turn on airplane mode? When you're using your phone near your kids or when your kids are using their electronic devices.
    At night and during the day, when you are busy with those house cleaning duties!

As the use of electronic devices is increasing rapidly, your health should be your priority. Take these small but critical steps to reduce your exposure. Keep yourself updated!

And remember to turn your phone onto airplane mode when you can!